The use of the sling, maintenance, and standards

1. the selection and suspended substance conform sling.

2. lifting load shall not exceed the suspended matter load range, and use the sling used before to do visual inspection, check the rear can put into use.

Between 3, sling ban torsion, distortion, knot, flexible spreader should be connected activities, shall not be heavy cranes, hoists, crane, stage.

4. never to enter crane under or flip.

5. when lifting heavy objects of ascending, descending, smooth stop slowly, pay attention to the suspended matter gravity balance and avoid impact load, not long time hung heavy on the spreader.

6.don't try to pull from under the heavy forced sling or that the weight on the spreader roll.

7. spreader to should take put down gently, do not break, throw touch and drag and drop on the ground.

8. sling should be done after use clean and corresponding detection, sling shall not be stored in the ground area, should be suspended or pieces in sling proprietary frame.

9. when manufacturing has been coated wire rope enough fat, but after running, fat will be reduced gradually, and the surface of wire rope will be stained with dust, debris, such as dirt, cause the rust of the wire rope and rope wheel and, therefore, should be regular cleaning and refueling. Is simple and easy method selection of wire rope and other corresponding tools and wipe off the dust on the surface of the steel wire rope, melt heating of the surface of the steel wire rope grease evenly spray on the surface of steel wire rope, also can take 30 or 40 oil spray water on the surface of steel wire rope, but not too much spray water and pollute the environment.

10. sling, if you have the following please give up

(1) the harness fulfilled proof for many times, the serious overload or bearing core are caused by the long-term use of local damage, its coat will first fault warning, can avoid the happening of the accident, at the same time whether coat rupture is condole belt only scrap standard.

Diction in any part of the sling, melting, carbonization, electrical sparkle injury, to give up.

(3) sling allowed wear value limit of 10% of the metal thickness of a sling

(4) crack of any part of the spreader, bending or distortions and ring hinge between get stuck or frozen acerbity sluggish phenomenon such as resistance and can't rule out the need to give up.

(5)dangerous section wear or corrosion of the size of the original 5%.

(6) of the hook is 10% increase compared to the original size

Once crabs tooth tooth board has more than two.

Being hanging clamp horizontal pin diameter wear easily for 1/20 of the limit of size.

'levies deformation of wire rope serious broken stocks, a broken wires of more than four or corroded seriously when should abandon the use.

11. sling in use process, failure or the violation of operating procedures of the consequences of our company will not undertake any responsibility.